Can I embed the live stream onto another platform/ site?
Yes, you can easily embed the live stream on any website using the embed code. You have to enter your Encoder URL: rtmp:// or copy embedded code (which is provided on the analytics page per channel)
What ingest protocols do you support?
SSH101 supports RTMP and RTMPS ingest from most encoders. Since encoder implementation of RTMP and RTMPS protocol can vary, it is recommened to use a tested encoder with a good known configuration.
How do I create a channel?
Go to our "Create Channel" page on our website and enter the information that is asked. You should recieve a confirmation email which includes your channel name, ID, and streamname.
Can I take the logo off of my channel?
Yes! This is a new feature SSH101 is providing at a cost. Go to the "Upgrades" page on our website to learn more and make a purchase!
Why is my stream not working?
If your stream is not working, please restart your encoder and make sure you are using our iFrame code or web player (which is rtmp://
What application should I stream my channel through?
There are many different applications you can stream your channel through. A reccomended program is OBS (Open Broadcaster Software), and it is free and easy to download. A tutorial of how to stream through OBS onto SSH101 is on our instagram and facebook page. If you would like to learn how to stream your SSH101 onto facebook live, that is included on our youtube channel. Happy streaming!
Where can I find analytics for a particular live stream?
You can find live stream analytics by clicking the (...) button when hovering over any channel. It will open a pop up screen which tells you: today's visits, total visits, audio and video bitrate, and even the embedded code.
Why does my stream take a long time to process?
You must wait for, at most, 2 minutes until the stream will begin working (this is due to the HLS, http live streaming,) The Stream will begin shortly after you begin streaming, showing everything Live on the website itself.
Is my live stream public?
Yes, your live stream/ channel will show up on our "watch" page on our website. A new feature for a private stream is coming soon!
Who is SSH101 for?
Specifically, SSH101 is the perfect streaming hub for broadcasters. Nonetheless, SSH101 can be for anyone! SSH101's current set of features were made to specifically meet the needs of new streamers due to the quick and easy process.
How long can my live stream be?
Live stream can be 24/7.
Is there a mobile version of SSH101?
There is no mobile version at this time. However, you can stream to your channel directly from your phone's camera.